Lobster Ravioli with Manuka Honey & Wild Mushroom Brie

This post isn't exactly a recipe. This isn't really a dish that has a recipe, I just threw some items together. Prepared Lobster Ravioli from Trader Joe's, manuka honey, wild mushroom brie, bacon, and parsley. That simple. I just wanted to rave about my new obsession with manuka honey and cheese.

My favorite food combinations are usually sweet and salty. The flavor profile of a dish is important to me because I just can't get down with bland food. I see so many people just add salt and pepper and go. I see so many people add tons of olive oil to everything (including desserts) because they think it makes their dish fancy. Oh, and the hilarious stereotype of new cooks adding dried parsley to everything when it isn't necessary. When I first began cooking, I would add parsley to everything because I thought it added a pop of color. Honestly, it has no flavor and it is pointless. I do still make this faux pas when it comes to pasta though. Which is why I did a major haul on fresh herbs recently to try and add another layer of flavor to my recipes. 

The next time you make some pasta, add some expensive honey. This will definitely work for alfredo, carbonara, and cacio e pepe. Unless you're making spaghetti or something with tomatoes - it's completely unnecessary and I think it might be disgusting. Although, I am considering making a pizza and drizzling some manuka honey on top. So forget that thought, I will be testing this out and letting you all know what it's like. In fact, I am going to test this out tomorrow! HA. 

The trick to getting this to taste amazing is to use QUALITY cheese. Invest in that $10 cheese. You can't run to Walmart and pick up the Great Value Honey and the Velvetta cheese and add that to some canned alfredo sauce and believe that you're going to have a dish that's going to taste good. It's going to taste cheap, terrible, bland, and embarrassing. Yes, food can taste embarrassing! Don't even let me tell you about the amount of epic fails that I have made with chicken breast. When I first started cooking, I would just combine everything in my fridge because I thought I was being creative and cool like the chefs on Food Network. Trust me on this, less is always more.