Rosewater Turkish Delight

I wanted to tell you guys about one of my favorite candies. Turkish Delight is a snack that’s hard to describe. I’d say, imagine a sour patch kid without the sourness. Then, one might say.. hmm does it taste like a gummy worm? Not quite. The candy that Turkish Delight resembles the most is Swedish Fish, except it tastes much better. A lot of people that have tried Turkish Delight after watching Narnia have stated that it’s bland. I considers myself a candy connoisseur of some sort, and I’ve tried a lot of popular candies (like nasty Black Liquorice)… and I just don’t see how one couldn’t like this candy. It’s not too tart or too sweet, it’s just right.

Turkish Delight - blog_-9.jpg

I’ve never tried any other flavors of Turkish Delight besides Rose Water. Eventually, I’d like to start making it from scratch instead of buying it from the store. I’ve watched a couple of videos in the past, and it doesn’t seem to difficult to do. Well, compared to making sour neon worms, it looks ten times easier.

As you all know, my focus on this site is healthy eating. Healthy to me just means that you eat whatever makes you happy as long as you balance that out with a somewhat plant based diet and plenty of exercise. Eating one turkish delight is not going to kill you or give you disease. Healthy eating to me is enjoying everything, but balanced.